As I felt The Holy Spirit deal with my life, I began to realize that I need to“loosen up” with this writing and begin to communicate some areas as to how The Lord led me to this in addition to preaching. First of all, I thank The Lord for what He has done in my life. I know that nothing is impossible when it comes to what He can do with a life, for I am a living example of that. In my sermon titled “Hope In The Midst Of Circumstances”, I felt the direction of The Holy Spirit taking me in thought about how The Lord works mightily whenever circumstances seem to press upon a person to want to just give in to the hurt. In example, I would like to say that many years ago, when it seemed that my health was failing me beyond what I thought I could handle, I questioned God about even staying alive. At that time my faith was weak, and I didn’t even want to go on with my life; but, God really worked with me in a miraculous way through much prayer by others in such a way that I felt my faith to build that I would trust God through it all to gain strength to keep going. Thank God, I’m still alive today and though sometimes life gets tough, I try to remember just how God brought me through all those times with victory despite setbacks. So, always remember that God alone has the ultimate say no matter how discouraged you may be today. No matter what you have been through, the love of Jesus surpasses all problems to give hope and victory with an assurance that He cares for you! In my sermon, “Covered By Healing”, I felt impressed in The Spirit to make others aware that as one may understand how physical sickness eats away at the body, so does sin consume the unrepentant heart of those in rebellion to God. As I have stated before that not everything one preaches on means that we are the prime example, but in every area of our lives, we still have our flaws. In noting such, we still have need to ask God to show us what areas of our lives that we need to repent and ask Him to cleanse us of all such faults. In areas of my life, I too, have strayed away, rationalizing that God understood. It was only when I humbled myself before Him that I truly could come to the knowledge to ask for Him to renew my life and heart to be pleasing in His sight. In “Peace, Hope, And Security Is Found In Jesus!”, I wanted to stress the fact of our victory by The Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives that gives the special rights to us who believe with a genuine heart to accept all the blessings that God gave us through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. He not only blessed us with His Spirit, but He gave us power to live courageously in boldness to proclaim what He did in His Love for us. He has given us wonderful gifts in marvellous ways with manifestations of His Spirit and the work that He does within our hearts and lives. Having the boldness to stand fast in firmness of His resurrection and the assurance of His coming brings excitement to the believer to persevere under trials, knowing someday we will have a better resurrection and partake of a more joyous inheritance in the riches that He has prepared for us at that time. All the pressures of this life is nothing in comparison to the glorified body we will receive as we will someday stand in His presence. But with that in mind, we must also be aware of the fact that we will give an account before Him of all that we have done in this life whether good or bad. Don’t disgard the precious Name of Jesus, for in that Name His Word is to be proclaimed and every healing work given comes by the best and only sacrifice for the secureness of hope and peace with God that could only come through Him! LaNora G. Means My Most Recent Sermon
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