As I was preparing for my next sermon, which was titled, “We Must Watch And Pray”, I was in deep thought of such an organized pattern when I felt The Holy Spirit deal with my heart to also sing, “We Shall Behold Him”, (written by Dottie Rambo and made popular by Sandi Patty.) I began to really ponder, “Just how serious is the body of believers in our Lord’s return.” This song blessed my life with an even more awareness of how serious we all should be toward His Coming. We all want comfort in our lives; but, do we really realize that no matter how long or short time we live upon this earth our need is to live it with the most pleasing life that God requires of us. God wants us to be serious with our walk with Him. We all seem to have a “regimen” that seems to fit our lives as our characters give way to our personalities. God made each person as a whole person, which involves many areas of life. As I was preparing for my next sermon, (which is continual in my life), I began to feel the conviction of The Holy Spirit to “stand stronger in the faith”. I felt an over- whelming sorrow as I began to ponder just how many times I have grieved the Spirit of God when He dealt with me to bring forth topics that involves everyone. It was then that I felt led to deepen people’s awareness that in order to “Behold Jesus”, as stated in this song, there is a great need to live each day as though it was your last. “How?”, you may ask. The Answer: By trusting God (through His Word, Jesus Christ, Him crucified and risen again! Also by living a life pleasing in His sight. As I preached on Galatians 5:18-26, my own heart was convicted to stay in line. It is a serious matter for everybody to stay alert and on guard about this earthly flesh, not to allow ourselves to indulge in such behavior as to hinder our walk with God, and some even as far as throwing away the very salvation God gave through the grace of Christ Jesus and The Holy Spirit, who gives the very comfort that is needed in a life, providing mercy, comfort, and even blessings undeserved. Just think, we never deserved any mercy; but in His ultimate love beyond any human comprehension, He gave us His best by forgiving us and giving us a chance to live the life we should for Him. Once we ask the Lord to convict our hearts, searching us through and through, we need to be receptive to that conviction in order for Him to work on our lives. He then can help us see more clearly, dealing with each area of our lives, that we repent of all wrong doing, turning away from it completely. We then can feel the peace He gives. We should ask Him to help us with each challenge that we face, to strengthen us that we may “…grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…” (See 2 Peter 3:18 NIV). Always Remember, “…To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.” (See 2 Peter 3:18 NIV) In a world filled with stressful situations, God sees the hurts of all people. He knows everything we are going through and cares about our lives. The only real peace offered is in Jesus and His ultimate Love and extreme Sacrifice. In my sermon “Traveling Through This Life”, I felt a deep awakening to the fact that if it is not taken seriously enough, there will be many deceived in thinking that every- thing is fine with their soul condition before God. If life is full of challenges as we already know now, could it actually be realized how much harder it would be during the Tribulation period? People should not want to find out the hard way! He has made the way for us to see and understand Spiritually through His Word our need for Him. The Holy Spirit’s Presence within our lives is of great importance in order that we might live according to His standards and trust fully in Him. The expectancy of that “blessed hope, and glorious appearing…” (see Titus 2:13), should be every Christian’s greatest desire. This life has many challenges as we all know. At varying levels, we all face so many situations that can cause us to feel enclosed within a world of problems. While some may encounter minor problems in view of more serious ones of world events, the feelings inside are still important to the ones facing whatever brings disturbance to the those who are affected in whatever circumstance is occuring. Oftentimes, it stems from actual events happening at that moment, or else, it could be a reminiscing of past hurts that has not truly been left in the Hand of The Almighty God to fight the battles in the mind that war within one’s thoughts. There are real events of pursuit that take place in this life of true evils of jealously and greed that permeate society at large, and then from the level of hurtful words that saturate one’s mind with wounds so deep that seemingly takes forever to heal. In my sermon, “LORD, Be My Refuge!”, I felt led to address the petitioning of one’s urgent request to a Just and Holy GOD for deliverance by His loving mercy to a steadfast heart to trust GOD in the middle of the hurts with a thankfulness that goes beyond our own understanding. Even though our human nature would question such anguish of spirit, there is still a need for us to realize we must turn to the only One who can truly help during these dire straights that take place all around us. Jesus is The One we are to take our refuge in when times are unbearable. Oh, how many times have we failed to grasp how precious we are in His Sight! (Psalm 57:2) The condition of one’s soul before God in the assurance of salvation in what Jesus did to save needs to be taken seriously in a personal way of acceptance before one could truly be called a child of God. In TOTAL ACCEPTANCE, I felt a tug at my heart to make it clear that living a life in Jesus IS peace in the midst of turmoil. Walking in His love grows the peaceable fruit that bears productivity of a blameless life before God. All of this together IS joy, for one can most certainly rejoice in The Holy Spirit within a life fully submitted to trust in God. Instead of placing too much emphasis on things pertaining to every earthly kingdom of this life that will soon all pass away, cherish thinking of eternity in the presence of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, which is far more important. Life here below is so short, and one needs to realize that the only hope of a brighter tomorrow is the total acceptance to everything The Lord gave of His life that we may be accepted in the true kingdom not only within our hearts now, but more importantly victory over death. One who dies knowing Jesus lives forever in His presence. That is something to rejoice over! There is definitely Divine Healing in this life! Sicknesses, diseases, trauma, God heals! But when death hits the body, a person’s time is up on this earth. When one is in God, one’s breath goes back to the One who gave it in the first place. In reality, that is the most true healing of all! Just think, no more pain, sickness, trauma! It is in God’s timing not one’s own. Desire to live by giving God His time, not one’s own! God pricks hearts that belong to Him to help one grow strong in Him that joy might abound now and joy forever in His presence. God’s Word stands true throughout all time and eternity! Throughout the ages, His promises have been kept. His Mighty Word is written deeply in the hearts and etched firmly into the minds in the truth of His presence by the Work of The Holy Spirit. His Love is real, extending hope to those who feel sorrow! His peace remains true, giving mercy to the undeserving! His glory is sure, assuring us He deserves all praise! With eyes open to see and ears open to hear, He shows us His guidance and enlightens our understanding that we may live a fulfilled life in His care, cherishing every blessing now and rejoicing forever in His Presence! In both my sermon’s, “GOD’s WORD IS ETERNAL” and “Live Victoriously In JESUS!”, it is important to accept that ETERNAL WORD, CHRIST JESUS our LORD and SAVIOR and realize all those benefits He has given to us who believe, trusting In the good news He has given us, living a life of victory now that we may gain a greater inheritance that awaits us! (1 Peter 1:25) Every person in this life seeks comfort; for, it is natural to desire a well-being in hope that gives way to a healthy life. Whether comfort through trials of health, or discouragement, or dealing with loss and anguish, there is hope in the divine presence God gave us through The Holy Spirit so that we may persevere even when the pressures of life are overwhelming. In “JESUS IS The Living WORD!”, I felt the need to reaffirm the realness of the healing words of Jesus He extends by the exactness in Him with courage in victory to rely upon His living WORD in the power of His Spirit to trust that no matter what you have went through in this life, the strength He gave in healing is for today! With a bold reassurance to His healing work, we can go forth in clearness and feel His peace with joy-filled thoughts in excitement of eternity with Him someday rejoicing forevermore in His presence. The loads of stress carried in this life can be quite cumbersome. In just a moment of time we could get caught off guard feeling discouraged and weighed down. That is every reason of why we should always remember of the sweet rest Jesus has given us in His Holy Spirit. If we would only take the time to read and meditate upon His gracious Words, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) It is such a pleasure learning from the giver of life who gives us every reason to live a life of victory. The kindness of His wonderful words lighten every burden so that we may take the stand of courage in the face of every obtacle that is hurled at us. So when watching and listening to “Take Courage, Don’t Be Discouraged!”, I pray that it will bless your life with meaning and hope in what Jesus wants to do in your heart and life! As you listen with awareness to the Word of God of times past to days present, take a firm grasp of standing strong in the faith which really counts for a life focused on God and how He judges yet comforts His people! Receiving God’s Word deep in one’s life should bring about a hunger and desire to please Him with the whole being. It is important to be obedient to the prick of the Holy Spirit’s instruction in how to conduct one’s life in the light of that new life He bestows. That cannot be done on one’s own, for God cleanses the heart and life, instilling in the mind a whole new outlook with a desire for action to live and grow into all that He desires in a wholesome productivity to share the good news that He has done that brought about that wonderful transformation. “A Transformed Life” is a change for the healthier way that God intended, not only feeling remorse for one’s sins, but repenting, turning away from it, and allowing one’s life to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit’s presence! Because we live in an imperfect world, everyday battles are fought. Knowing God in a personal relationship through Jesus in a strong prayer life helps us gain spiritual strength in even the roughest of times. We are to have a ready mind focused on prayer and praise to God in order to have the victory to overcome every potential attack that could come our way. With this in mind, serious attention to God’s Word for our lives needs to be heeded in order to receive the blessings in the strength He bestows through The Holy Spirit. Those blessings include the peace of mind given to know that we belong to Him and the awareness that He fights our battles every time we acknowledge Him. By our confession of faith in Jesus and His lovingkindness, He equips us with everything we need to stand strong in battle all the while resting in His care for our lives. Be suited up and ready by watching, “Be suited For Battle”! Glorifying God with our whole being is certainly a reason to rejoice for all that He has done in our lives. He alone deserves all the praise, His mighty Word to be exalted above all His name. God’s very Word fulfilling every promise for deliverance gives us our hope through His mercy He bestows. In every bit of our lives He is that strength that we need. He sees and understands every need that we have in our lives. He pours out His blessings in every area of our lives. So knowing that we just pass through this life and dwell temporarily in these bodies of clay, we need to do every thing we can to please Him with our lives, so that we may be counted worthy to partake of eternity forever with Him, rejoicing around His throne forever! The fire of passion burning brightly in our lives of The Holy Spirit’s presence is powerful to counteract all attacks the enemy tries to throw at us! Take the time to watch in its entirety “The Fire Of The Holy Ghost” Corruption and depravity of society is rapidly increasing more than ever. Those who share the message of hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are often faced with ridicule, fighting many battles of persecution and often are heavily afflicted with discouragement due to it. But holding true to the mercy in Jesus gives us all the more reason to rejoice in the power of His mighty Spirit that does the work in our lives. We then can stand in the firmness of His loving Words of truth all the while He pours out His abundant blessings in such a way that shows us His comfort in order that we may comfort others with that same comfort He gives us (See 2 Corinthians 1:4). The “Indwelling Of The Holy Ghost” that lives within with complete dedication to God not only gives that comfort we need, but also that power that works to see the outpouring of His Spirit to hearts and lives everywhere. Beyond what we can see with our eyes and understand with our hearts in the greatest depth is a day of rejoicing above anything we could ever experience in this life. All of this is available to us by accepting the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. As Christians, we yearn for the day that our earthly bodies will be clothed upon with the fullness He bestows in order that we may partake of our eternal inheritance. What God has given us through His Spirit in revelation of His salvation is every bit of the hope we have in Him. While we are alive on this earth, we operate in the gifts He has given us by The Holy Spirit within our lives, and we anticipate the rapture where we will meet The One in the fullness of His presence that gave Himself for us. While we are alive on this earth, we cannot see to the fullest scope of our eternal home. “(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)” 2 Corinthians 5:7. What we know for sure is that God did all that for us and we are to trust Him each day in that hope of His love that He gave and living our lives in accordance to His love. He made that final way giving us that access to that peace we need with Him. Watch “Beyond The Veil”. The calling of the disciples to follow Jesus and their firsthand knowledge of the Savior personally must have been an overwhelming experience! The evidence they witnessed of His wonderful healings and mighty miracles would no doubt be astounding! The crowds were drawn to hear His teaching and be blessed by receiving The Word into heart and mind with a reassurance that to obey His words would bring a greater salvation than just an earthly plane of thought; for, it is The Word of life shining brightly for all to see! Those words accepted not only bring victory to those who obey, but also the promise of eternal life to those who hold stedfastly to the faith in believing in all of His promises. As reviewing Matthew chapters 5-7, it should be noted that these affirmative commands are to be put into practice in life and taught in way. They are words to live by and grow by in order to mature into a healthy walk with the guidance of The Holy Spirit living inside, and to realize that Jesus is alive forevermore giving hope in the love He gave. We are to shine the light of His love for all to see, and He is The One who gave the victory! Watch and listen closely to “Let Your Light Shine Forth”, and be blessed by the power of God upon your life by accepting Him today! In “The Rich Love Of Jesus”, I felt impressed upon my heart an illustration drawn into my mind of one in childhood as in humbleness of how Jesus makes our lives complete in His love. As our lives are unfolded in purpose, we must remind ourselves of that perfect peace through that precious gift so many years ago lying in a manger with His life revealed to give us the peace of God in our hearts by Him, Christ Jesus our Savior. To “Stand Firm In The Doctrine Of Christ”, the emphasis of the fact is to acknowledge the birth of Jesus in the purest sense of His holiness in the righteousness God gave through that Holy Spirit of promise in the virgin birth. As God manifested in the flesh, (that was prophesied all throughout scripture), it stresses the fact of His full deity as well as His full humanity and entails all God gave us in order that we could be saved from our sins; Who restores us to the proper fellowship with God, from that broken relationship caused by sin that we may be set “at one again”, our complete peace, making our amends before The Just and Holy God. His sinless life, miracles, and everything He has done for us is the reason we have to know that we who believe and accept that perfect grace in His ultimate mercy will forever rejoice in His presence in eternal life. It took His birth, His sinless life, and everything He has done for us in the love in the humble yet powerful way of both instruction and example that we are to live by. It took His death, His burial, and His bodily resurrection to give us that hope in this very glorious celebration of what He has done, through the very birth we acknowledge, and the future outcome of His glorious reign we know He is truly The King of kings and Lord of lords. Stand true in acknowledging Him as The Savior! Watch this sermon and be blessed! A life lived well is one centered in the goodness of God through Christ Jesus! As we travel through this life, the management of the way we live our lives is of utmost importance if we desire to have the fullest benefits offered by The Holy Spirit’s presence. As time progresses along a route to better days ahead in Jesus our Lord, so in this life we should realize the life we live here below should be one of harmony in His love, while still taking a firm stand in living the way He shows us in His Word. By allowing His direction in our lives, we are following the “well worn paths” that lead to the very heart of His love. The direction is clear through His love in His Word living in us to see the outcome with an everlasting joy in eternity with God forevermore. Watch “Stay Close To Jesus And Live Blessed”. We will be held accountable before a very Just and Holy God for everything we do with our lives! So that is why it is very important to stay centered in God’s Word with the firm standing in Jesus. By this, we may be open to hear His Spirit speak to us in guidance to everything He bids us to do. Disobeying His incitations has consequence upon our lives; instead, follow His Spirit that leds and guides. Welcome The Holy Spirit to pervade your life with His presence today! Allow His Spirit to pervade your life and His love saturate deep into your heart. He alone gives the abililty to do all things through Him Who strengthens us (See Philippians 4:13). Learn to handle all situations by His care and in much prayer. He even instructs on just how to warn others to turn from corrupt ways and turn to God Who extends forgiveness out of His ultimate love through Christ Jesus! So, if you think of those who look for some sort of a sign, symbol, or even wisdom, Watch My Sermon, “Don’t Be A Reluctant Messenger!” The constancy of GOD’s love is greater than we deserve! Although we as human beings tend to constantly fail Him, having a deep remorse pricking our conscience and a true assurance that we need to “stay on course”, we will not only realize how important it is to keep our minds on what Jesus did for us, we will desire to shorten our grief of mind by being aware that He longs to handle all our problems for us in order for us to enjoy all the blessings He intends to pour upon our lives. Watch my sermon “Don’t Take The Long Road Of Regret” and be blessed at what God does in a life renewed by His care! LaNora G. Means
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